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Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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Statistics compiled by Oxford University-backed research team Our World in Data shows that Israel has the highest covid cases in the world, leading all countries by almost double in comparison to the next runner up. Israel was the first country in the world to vaccinate nearly its’ entire population. This is CLEAR evidence that Biden’s push to vaccinate everyone in the US, sets the stage for epic failure and undue stress to an already stressed busines environment. If you have had Covid in the past, research has proven that you are 27 times more protected than having the vaccine. The US Surgeon General Dr. Murthy completely contradicts statistics, telling the US that natural immunity is not enough. When in fact, statistics actually prove otherwise, that natural immunity is the only way to overcome the epidemic…India for example! Is he is blatantly defying facts to push the Biden administrations’ agenda? Long before these statistics were revealed, a doctor was shown on YouTube before a school board meeting explaining exactly the same statistics we see happening today in Israel. YouTube censored his speech and took it down in the traditional communist fashion. I am not condemning vaccinations in anyway, however, its’ implementation is only beneficial for those who have underling illnesses or older age. In which, booster shots will be mandatory for life.
Is this a liberal agenda to push vaccinations to control the general population? Is it to bring the spot light off the horrendous failure of pullout in Afghanistan and the under reported score of American passport holders stranded? Spot light off the border crisis?